Preschool Routines

Regular routines help children know what is going to happen next. Children feel comfortable and happy in their environment when they know the routine in preschool.

Each class follows the same daily routine. The times listed below reflects the Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes only. The Tuesday/Thursday classes follow the same format but end at 11:15am and 3:15pm respectively.

9:00 am / 1:00 pm         Welcome Time

Children are guided to the carpet for Welcome Time. Welcome time is used to say good morning, review the calendar day, month, and year; discuss the theme and craft for the day and children’s news. Staff’s role in this routine is to help the children focus and listen to the teacher and each other.

9:05 am / 1:05 pm         Free Play

During free play all the activities in the centers are child directed which allow the children to choose a center to play in. Staff serves as facilitators to guide children in their interactions with each other and making decisions. Centers include Book and Listening Center, Creative Art Center, Kitchen Fun Center, Dramatic Play Center, Block Center, Water Table, Sand Table, Floor and Table Play, Puzzle Center and Gross Motor/Guided Games Area.

Gross Motor Time – Optional

This activity is a choice but the children are encouraged to join in and participate in the gross motor time. Staff is available to guide and assist children in their gross motor learning experience.

A FIVE MINUTE VERBAL TIME WARNING IS GIVEN to allow children the opportunity to complete their activity.

10:15 am / 2:15 pm       Clean Up

Clean up in both areas – play centers and gross motor areas. The role of the staff is to encourage the children to play the clean up game with a cheerful attitude. Team work is emphasized at clean up time, for example, cleaning together with a friend is fun. Transition songs help ease the transition from play to clean up.

10:25 am / 2:25 pm       Hand Washing and Bathroom

This routine is available for those who need to use the washroom and for everyone to wash their hands for snack. Self help is encouraged but assistance is available from the staff.

10:35 am / 2:35 pm       Snack Time

Children are guided to the table with their snack bag. Everyone sits down together for a common snack time. The children return to the washroom to wash their hands after snack. Self help is also encouraged here but staff is there to help. We are a nut and chocolate free environment so parents are encouraged to bring snack from 2 food groups from the Canada Food Guide. Please see website for more information on the Canada Food Guide.

10:55 am / 2:55 pm       Learning Time

This time is used to do theme activities in small or large groups. Learning Time also incorporates time for music and movement exploration and participating in guided group games.  The role of the staff at this time is to act as role models and help children focus and listen to the teacher and each other.

Outdoor activities will take place weather permitting.

11:25 am / 3:25 pm       Goodbye

The children gather to sing a goodbye song together. The children will pick up their snack bag and mail for the day after singing goodbye on their way out.

11:30 am / 3:30 pm       Home Time

Parents arrive through the preschool doors and wait for their child’s name to be called. When parent and child are reunited, they are then free to leave together. Staff are available for parents who have any questions or concerns.