Frequently Asked Questions


Children should have indoor shoes to wear in the classroom; these can be kept at the preschool. Each child will also need to bring a nutritious snack, from two of the food groups listed in the Canada Food Guide, and a water bottle.  Children’s belongings must have their name clearly written on every item such as: backpack, coat, shoes, boots, mittens, hat, snack containers, water bottle and indoor shoes.

Yes, we provide many opportunities for the children to recognize the alphabet through the use of coloring sheets, wall bulletins, notes going home, arts and crafts, calendar, stories, transitions, learning to recognize and print their name, singing songs and many other developmentally appropriate activities.

While we do always ensure that children have the opportunity to be in engaged in active play, outside play is not specifically part of our daily routine. When weather permits, the teachers will often plan for gross motor experiences in the fenced yard on the west side of the church. With prior parental approval, we may also take the children on walks in the community or to visit the community park that is in close proximity to the school.

Kidz Choice Preschool operates as a lay ministry of Holy Trinity Anglican Church. In accordance with that, we may teach age appropriate bible stories that tie into a theme that we are currently teaching. An example of this would be the Christmas Story. The Pastors who work in the building occasionally visit the classroom and the children have an understanding of who they are and what their role in the church is.  We also sing a blessing song together before we have snack.

Yes, we do! Our large classroom space allows us to have a designated Recreation Center where children can play active games such as hopscotch and bowling. Once a week, we also have access to a large gym space where the teachers plan activities that encourage the children to participate in guided group games and music and movement  exploration.

We do not teach a second language but we do teach the children simple phrases and how to count to 10 in some languages.

We do require parent volunteers for field trips but do not require parent volunteer on a daily basis.

Yes we do allow children with a special need in the classroom. If this child needs special help we do require, however, that this child come to preschool with an aide. Please let us know in advance if your child will be accompanied by a full time aide.